Monday, February 28, 2011

My Best Friend

This month my husband and I share 15 years of being Best Friends. Yes, that is half my life. In fact I don't remember much of my life without him in it. Sure there are days when I could throttle him and yes I am completely sick of some of his habits ie. his clothes never making it even remotely near the wash basket EVER. We have had our ups and downs, struggles like most couples, but I still love him to bits and consider myself very lucky, I married my Best Friend.  Here are a few piccies showing us through the years :)

Back when we were 16 (1997)

The birth of Riley (2005)

Celebrating with our mates from High School

Our First Dance

The birth of Mia

My loves (2009)

x Michelle


Sparrow Bee Designs said...

oh gorgeous pics.. and how awesome to marry your best friend from when you were 15!

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