Sunday, October 30, 2011

Australian Women's Health Diary

I sell many things, and what you may not all know is that I don't make them.  I carefully select all the items I sell and stock nothing that I wouldn't buy personally. Out of all the things I do sell, the Fabric Covered Notebooks, Diaries, Business Card Holders, Passport Covers etc I can take credit for.  Last year, I added the Australian Women's Health Diary to my list of things that I cover and the response was fantastic.  For those of you who don't know, the Australian Women's Health Diary is available each year and supplies you with the latest health and wellbeing information for women. All proceeds from the sale of this Diary, when I purchase them from the newsagent, go to Breast Cancer research. Which is fantastic!   Here is one I covered today. I am a bit proud of this one, as it is my first proper attempt at a tab closure (that was for an actual order). 

x Michelle


Cookie said...

Aww Michelle, awesome as usual hun, its gorgeous. A great gift for a great cause too.
Bek Wilson oxo

Samantha O said...

I'm loving the new design Michelle, great job!

Anonymous said...

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